Tags + Awards + HELP! :(

Monday, June 8, 2009
First off, Chomsiri started a foundation tag! Well, right now I'm too lazy to take pictures so I took stock pictures off Google image search. =P

For my powder, I use MAC's Studio Fix in NC30.

And for liquid, I use Revlon's ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF6 in Medium Beige.


I was given this award by both Chomsiri and Krystal. Thanks girls! =)

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So, for the HELP! section of this entry. I'm asking all you ladies to give me advice on APPLYING FALSIES! I cannot for the life of me apply them! I fail at it totally and completely. :( It just never seems to align right and the glue just never seems to stick to my lids! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE!? D: I want gorgeous lashes like the ones pictured above, but I just.. fail, LOL.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I'm sorry about your your school cutting everything =/ But the school I was planning on going to cut half of its too.
& this other community college not too far from me, I couldn't get in to any classes because there are too many people

mzkrystall said...

lol girl.. it takes time a practice. i frreakin suck too!! ughh i hate itttt!! ive been trying and trying but i freakin give up already hahah! i even watched so many videos on youtube on how to apply but it doesnt help.. ugh!

btw, thanks for the award!! =D

AbcGrrrL said...

Thanks for the tag, hon :)

I'd help you with your falsies Q, but I've never tried. :( Good luck tho!

Iyah said...

aw! I used to use Studio Fix! :) Such a nice powder :)

Chomsiri said...

thanks for doing the tag! i cant find the right shade for me with revlon foundation -_- sigh.

anyways, about the falsies. you really have to practice. at first, i got really angry and impatient how it wont stick onto my eyelids.

for me, before i apply the glue, i put the falsie on my eye to see where it should be. then i put the glue on and wait for it to become tacky. then i grab onto both side (the ends of the falsies) and put it on slowly. after that, i push it onto my eyelid and it stayed.

hope that helps ><"

kylie said...

what i do is apply the glue on the lashband and i wait about 30 seconds or so till it becomes tacky (this is when it's the most adhesive). then i use a scissor tweezer, holding the falsies in the middle. i stick the falsies on the middle of my eye first then i do my inner corner then my outer corner... hope this helps!

**Aly said...

I think maybe when you put n the lashes, you might wanna place the mirror lower than your eyes or you can tilt your head up when you apply the lashes coz your eyelashes can get in the way. Also, you can opt to curl your lashes after you put on false ones coz my real lashes usually get in the way.

Hope that helped.

Sherry said...

I failed on applying fake lashes, its not sticking at all.