6 Months Anniversary + ANOTHER mini haul !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Hello ladies! Today was the six months anniversary of my boyfriend & I. 6 months! That's half a year! Woooweee, time went by really fast. Seems like just yesterday that boy approached me and my friend's party and asked me to dance. :) Nine months later (today is six months since he officially asked me to be his girlfriend), we are going super duper strong! Today, we started off our evening by going to the movies and we watched Ghost of Girlfriends Past. It was an alright movie, but the ending, OMFG that shit got me tearing up like crazy! It was so sweet and I just couldn't hold the waterworks in! D: Before we actually went inside the mall to go to the theaters, we opened our gifts to each other! :) I absolutely adored what he made/got me because it's what I wanted ! Hahaha. I hope he liked what I made/got him. =/ When we finished the movie, I dragged my boyfriend to Nordstrom so I could pick up Lollipop Loving lipstick from MAC. I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. LIPPIE. It's the absolutely perfect shade! :) After my lippie purchase, I was in the mood for an eyeshadow purchase, LOLS. So I decided to go to Classic for Ladies to look at their NYX trios. Sighh, they didn't have the trio of blues I wanted so I just bought some unknown brand eyeshadow palette. I'm going to try on the colors in a bit and I'll write about it in a later post. :) All that shopping made me hungry, so off we went Guppy's in Hacienda! :) MMM, minced pork over dry noodles with extra spicy oil & popcorn chicken extra spicy. Yesyes, you can tell I love me the spicyness! ;] Once we were done with our dinner and was induced into food comas, we decided to get drinks at Tenju! :D I lovelovelove that tea house. Best peach iced tea everrrrrrrrrrr! :) If any of you girls are from the 626SGV area, GO THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) You WILL NOT regret it and will probably get addicted like I am! =X

That's what the boytoy got me for our six months :)
- A bulletin board with decorations on it because I've hinted before I needed a new bulletin board! ;] The tiger and dinosaur decorations are because I lovelovelove animals and dinosaurs! :D
- He sewed that pillow right there, ladies! That's right, my boy is talented! :)
- The H&M purse I wanteddd! The picture does NOT do the purse justice, seriously!! The material is soooo incredibly soft and it's pretty spacious inside. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or a messanger bag. :)
- At first glance, I wasn't relaly fond of the necklace, but I'm starting to like it. It's unique and it fits my neck perfectly! And yes, I have chest acne. :(

After we went back to his house and I got my car to go home, I decided to stop by Target and get the Boots Original Formula Vanishing Day Cream I had wanted last week but resisted. I have yet to try it, but reviews are good so I'll trust them. :) I also got the Wet N' Wild Ultimate Expressions Eyeshadow Palette in Sand Castle that I've seen some girls simply RAVE about. :) The packaging is SO cute and it even comes with a slide out mirror! :D I can't wait to try this one out. I'll be great for the soft brown look for when I want to keep it simple but still a bit smokey. Get me? Hahah. OH & on Tuesday, I got some press-ons from Sallys Beauty. They were SO pretty I just couldn't pass it up. :) This will be the SECOND time EVER I have fake nails on, so wish me luck with taking out my contacts! D:


kylie said...

jenny.. ur blog is starting to become a daily read addiction :x heehee love it! :)

CHOMSIRI said...

congrats on your six months! mine is next week! i like your new purse! man, i want more MAC stuff, im slowly becoming a MAC whore

Sugar Bunnie said...

I WANT THAT PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!