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Saturday, May 9, 2009
Hello girls :) Today was an errand-running day for sure! The boyfriend drove me everywhere to do my things, thanks babe! <3

I went to CVS to get me a bottle of Bio Oil because I'm getting sick of the popped pimple scars on my forehead. I know my bangs cover them up, but I know they're there and that's all that matters. Lucky for me, it was $2 off!! Yayyy. But that's basically just tax off, but yknow every dollar counts in this economy! I've read reviews and thoroughly researched this product and it seems to be a miracle worker when it comes to scars, uneven skin tones, stretch marks, etc. So I decided to give it a try. The instructions say to use it a minimum of three months. So in about three months, I'll post up a before and after picture for you girls to see, just in case you girls were contemplating this product too!! :D

OMGOSH GIRLS. Guess what!? I got MAC Studio Fix!!!! Finaaaaaaaaaally, after all these months of craving it, I finally got it :) I asked the MUA to help me find my perfect shade. She took one look at me and was like "You're an NC30!" :) She used it on me and I loved it, so I bought it :) My boyfriend said he doesn't see a difference at all, but I do? Isn't that weird!? I can totally tell my skin is more even :D And some of you might be thinking "What about your one month ban from makeup!?" Weeeeeell, I told my boyfriend the only condition I have to this one month ban was that I could still get my Studio Fix since I been pining for it for SO long, tehehe :) I'm so happy I could dance! :D Oh btw, which brush do you recommend to use with Studio Fix? :)

I went to Joann's in hopes of finding the 10 gram small glass screw top containers like the ones used for pigment samples so I can depot my UDPP, but I could only find the darn plastic ones!! :( I read you needed glass ones, because plastic isn't air tight so the UDPP will dry out within a week or so! If any of you girls know where I can buy those, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it :)

My final stop was Walgreens. I intially went there to get the face masks from the Face Shop or whatever that I've been hearing so much about, but I couldn't find any! Grrrrrr. So I went on to find Certain Dri. I don't remember who but on YouTube I remember a girl recommending Certain Dri for those who have an underarm sweating problem. EW GROSS! Well, whatevers! I found it but I decided to buy it next time because I get paid tomorrow so I could wait :) I heard it does miracles ! :)

Anyways, enough about my day. Here's my LOTD :)

Ugh, I need to go thread my eyebrows again! :|

Don't feel like listing out what I used. You got MAC in there, Ulta, Urban Decay, NYX, and of the palette that Kylie sold me. YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO SEE A LOOK I DID WITH THE PALETTE, HERE IT IS GIRLLLL! =) I USED THE PURPLES!


mzkrystall said...

oOoOo BIO OIL! i use that too, (for my stretch marks) haha, and its working! lol.

CHOMSIRI said...

Great LOTD! i like what you used on your lips!

im nc30 too! i used the mac 109 brush for it b/c it's tiny and it can get into my nose area :) some ppl used 188 or 187! hope that helps!

OR OR OR i use my elf studio powder brush!

GiLiNG said...

i gotta try that bio oil stuff! i have stretch marks... but then again i'm bad at keeping up with a routine (putting stuff on everyday).

i plan on trying studio fix too! esp since it's getting hot... shiny me! hehe.

AbcGrrrL said...

Bio-oil sounds like a girl's bestfriend. Lemme know how the product works for you :)

kylie said...

ur eyes look amaaazing! thanks for postin up a pic :)

my HG foundation brush is my 187. i LOVE this brush sooo much.. and u can use it for liquid or powder! its $$ but a great investment :)

Lily said...

i want to try bio-oil too! update us on whether or not it works for you :)

X3MZSHAR said...

lol, i so wna do that project 10 pan. but i knoļ½— im going to break it and disappoint myself.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I think I might just try Bio Oil! I have a few scars that I'd like to get rid of.

:) said...

Hi Jenny! thanks for dropping by :] ross always has some cheap storage stuff I love it, there was a bigger version for $6 that I saw. I LOVE ROSS!

btw I tried the pedi egg yesterday and DUUUDE shit works! LMAO and trust I have the WORST heels :[
you only do it 1x a week though I suggest you get one..oh btw, give me a heads up about the bio oil, I need to get rid of my acne scars blehhh

CHOMSIRI said...

got an award for you, go check!

Iyah said...

I'm thinking of getting BIO OIL as well for stretch marks! i should get it tomorrow..

I suggest 187 for studio fix or any stippling brush :D I used to use studio fix powder :D

jade said...
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CosmeticNerd said...

Hey there,

Oh are you in the SGV area?? I go bowling at Action lanes, AMF, and Brunswick at least once a weeek....maybe I have seeen ya??

Thanks for the followw...i am new here and ready all these beautyblogs is makign me buy more beauty products...hahah...

I love visualss on blogs.