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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Now let's see, I'm not one to purposely spend $372409237589032 on brushes and whatnot. If I can find an awesome MAC 187 dupe or an excellent MAC 109 dude for $20 & under, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. I don't care if the 187 is the HG brush, I could care less of the 109 brush is way softer. In this economy, $ > everything. Translation? I want to save every last penny I can while still being able to get quality items!! Which brings me to the point of this paragraph. THE PHILOSOPHY SUPERNATURAL BRUSH IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME JSDKLFJALDJFKS! :D

I was searching and searching for the perfect brush to apply my Studio Fix one and stumbled upon this awesome brush on the Sephora website. I read the reviews on Sephora and also on MakeupAlley and I was sold. I immediately went to Sephora after work to buy it and I tried it out at home and I fell in love. Applying my Studio Fix was an absolute breeze and it was looked flawless :) I found my HG multi-purpose brush. For $25 a pop, it is a little pricier than I would like but at least it's not like $50 for MAC brushes!!! :D


Today, I went to Target to get a bubble envelope to send out the cell phone I sold on eBay and decided to roam around the whole store to see if anything that would catch my eye :) As I've said before, I absolutely LOVE Target. It's an amazing store :) Here's what I picked up !!

I have NO idea why I bought the Hello Kitty mini notebook. It was just too cute to NOT get! =P And they FINALLLYYYY have the small pack of Hello Kitty bandaids in stock!! I always alwayyyys have Hello Kitty bandaids with me because I'm so accident prone! -___- Also picked up a pencil sharpener since mine is starting to get all icky and full of eyeliner! x_o I also got a small little bottle to use for the homemade mixing medium I'm going to attempt to make and use for pigments :)

I also got this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock in SPF 80+. I had seen 100+ at CVS but I couldn't find it at Target so I jus got the 85+ since I didn't want to drive all the way to CVS for just one item. I saw a review on Youtube recently where a girl said this sunblock really works so I decided to give it a try! It's getting super duper hot&sunny here in Los Angeles so we just stock up on that sunblock so we don't develop premature wrinkles as we get older!! :D Once I use it for a few days, I'll let you guys know how it works out


Recently, I bought some HIP e/s duos from moto says sales and I got the package today. She included some candies and a Intensive Rice-Peptides Mask. :D I can't wait to try to the mask!! Thanks Sarahhh =)

I got all three HIP e/s duos for $4!! I actually paid more for shipping ($5) than for the items itself. Good deal! :D


Onto the awards I received! :]

I got the Friendship Award from Chomsiri. :D

I got this award from both Chomsiri and April. :DD

Thanks girls!!! :) Right now I'm too lazy to tag anyone else so maybe next time, tehehe. =P


mzkrystall said...

oOOOoo i really wanna get that ultra sheer neutrogena sun block in spf100! plzz make a review on this one ! =]

AbcGrrrL said...

I love the ultra sheer sunblocks, I went thru like 3 bottles last year. My jaw dropped when I saw the 85SPF the other day, then it double dropped when I saw a 100SPF at target yesterday! It was the last one left!!! I just grabbed my usual of 30SPF of 45. Does it make that much of a difference??

kylie said...

i love target too! i actually saw that notebook and was wonderin if i should get it but then i decided not to.. LOL.

im glad u found ur hg brush! :) yay

Chomsiri said...

ill be sure to check out that brush when i get a chance :) im glad you found something that works for your studio fix!!

i love target too!

Sarah said...

Nah I'm not one to spend an insane amount of money on brushes either!! But it's super exciting when you find a quality one for cheaper! Yay!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've never tried HIP before, maybe I'll look into buying myself some since a lot of people use it

& for your new brush, how much coverage is it giving you?
I've been looking for a new brush for my studio fix for a lil while now.

jooLee said...

ooh same ive been using it for years, but i save it for removing makeup near the waterline, since makeup wipes usually don't remove it as gently - love the blog btw!

Iyah said...

Ohhh! sounds like a great brush! :) I will be following your blog.. :)

GiLiNG said...

Ohh i want that brush!
I wanna try that sunblock too!
Yes it gets so frikken hot here in california, lol.

Sarah said...

LOL I know classic huh, poor poor Heidi Montag :P

Janelle said...

Ooh that sunblock is really good! I like it a lot because it doesn't leave that sticky feeling like most sunblocks do. Good choice! And wow, what a high SPF!

I've been wanting to try that Philosophy brush! I'll be using more mineral foundation powder now that the weather is getting warmer, so I might be tempted to pick this up hehe. Enabler!

Whit said...


e.motion in motion said...

Hey! Thanks for following and dropping by my blog (: Hehe I do occasionally like the roomy purses too. Ooo and def. want to read your review on the sunblock!

Distinque said...

awesome blackberry. I also have hello kitty theme on my blackberry. That hello kitty tablet is too cute to resist.