Art Land Mini Haul + LOTD.

Monday, May 4, 2009
Rawrrrr, guess what girls!? I caved in again todayyy! I made my boyfriend drive me to Art Land in San Gabriel Superstore and I bought some stuff! I got Palty hairdye in this light brown color called Mango Gelee. I also got two products that Chomsiri had recommended in one of her blog posts. I got the eyelash card & that litttle pink sheet thing that pulls your hair out of the way so you can apply makeup undistracted! =P Picture time!

Sorry for my boob basically hanging out! D:

Hahaha, I like to be silly with my stuffs! :) Anyways, I found a new way of editting my photos for my blog. It was mentioned on someone's blog that I stumbled upon and I like it! :)

Anywhooo, as I'm writing this post right now, the hairdye is sitting in my hair! :D I must say, the first 10 minutes of application were PAINFUL. It burrrrrrrned like a motherfucker, you don't even knowwww! D: The pain is gone now, phewww. I can't wait til I wash it off and see how it turns out. :) I love dying my own hair. $10 max for a box of hairdye beats paying $50+ for a job done at the salon!

ANDDDDD you guys can also see my LOTD in my face pictures :) Here's some pictures of that! The above pictures are after 7 hours of work, dinner, and errands-running again (like my last LOTD!)

That's my work shirt I'm wearing. I took it right before I headed out to work.

I'm actually too lazy to formally list out what I used because I kind of forgot. I think there's MAC's Mulch and Carbon in there with a splash of Ulta's Plum Noir. =P

Tooodles! <3


CHOMSIRI said...

cute lotd jenny!

i wanna see your hair after dying it! yeah i usually dye my hair myself now since its cheaper. idk what color imma go for tho. im sick of black and blonde. but it is hard to dye it different color when my hair was dyed black :( i guess i have to wait it out

i really like the pink thang! i bet youll use it like everyday esp when you get home, haha!

the picture of you and the blue eyelash card is soo funny <3

Jessica said...

Thanks! But yea it might not be worth it to most people =/ I am going to start calling ahead to ask if they have had any new shipments. Ha that way I won't have to deal with the snobby workers there. You ask them something and they act all like "AHA WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?"
Sp frustrating lol. Take Care and thanks for following!

Lily said...

are those for holding your bangs back? cuz i need me some of those! haha

Distinque said...

oooo...the mascara guard. I need to get me some of those!

Pop Champagne said...

Oh I like the smokey look!

jooLee said...

thanks! my natural eye shape is very boring, it's all in the liner! lol btw love the elf haul i wanted to order so many times but didnt wanna go through paying $15 in shipping to Canada!

:) said...

aw I'm jealous I want that mascara and hair velcro thingy LOL

CosmeticNerd said...

you are soo silly hahah in your blogsss

hmm I thik I might have seen you b4...i also shop at ArtlanD!!..affordable japanese accessories, eyelashes, nail deecals and polisheeeesss..........whooopie :) we are lucky to live around these stores..haha good luck on the no makeup buy buy thing.i should do the same..!