Monday, May 4, 2009
I lost my UD Wallpaper eyeshadow palette! :'(

On a brighter note, I successfully stopped myself from buying Simply Natural's mineral eyeshadows! :) Sooner or later, I will get the Lollipop collection, HOWEVERRR I am making myself NOT buy anymore cosmetics until everything I've ordered has arrived. D: My mom is like pissed off that I get package after package, hahaha. Let's seeee.. I have my MAC D'Nude lipstick and my ELF haul to go! Can't wait to try out the brightening eyes colors, the brushes, the lipstick, ahhhhhh. The anticipation! =X


CHOMSIRI said...

my mom gets mad too when she see me getting a package everyday :P hahaha

im sorry to hear about your ud wallpaper eyeshadow palette :( maybe ull find it! who knows!