Target + LOTD + Organizing !

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Okay, so one thing that will become apparent as my posts go on, is that.. I LOVE TARGET! That store is seriously the best store EVER. I live about a 5-10 minute drive from one and wooooooweeeee, can't go there enough! I frequent Target at least 2-3 times a week. :) Anyways, I just got back from going there and here's what I got! :D

Got myself a mini drawer thing so I can fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally be organized with my makeup. :) (More on that later on this post!) I also wanted to see what all the fuss was about with L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara so I bought one and I'm going to post up a little review about it later on in the week! :) Last but not least, I got a new loofa thing for my shower. Sadly, my little piggy loofa has served me well for 1.5 years but it's gotten completely.. gross! =X


Let's go onto my LOTD, shall we? I totally didn't have time this morning to snap pictures because I was late for work! So these pictures are taken after 7 long hours of work, dinner, and errands-running! So don't kill me if it doesn't look extremely glam or whatever, alright!? =P

Shiseido's Matifying Oil-free Moisturizer from their Pureness line

Ulta Eyeshadow in Plum Noir
MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon
Sephora Slim Eye Pencil in Black
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
Maybelline's Lash Stiletto in Very Black

Ulta Lipcolor Sheer Shine.. in this nude color! =P
(The tube doesn't say the name of the shade! ><)


Now, onto the organizing part of this blog! :) So recently I was browsing around the beauty blogs and saw someone's really cute makeup vanity table set-up and I was inspired! I decided to rearrange some stuff in my room and turn the bedside table I currently use to dump random junk on into a little makeshift vanity table since I don't have one! :)

Before! Look at that mess! D: The roses and the cute little Buddha lamp, my boyfriend got for me. :) The roses were to apologize to me and the Buddha lamp was part of my birthday present because I had told him that I wanted it! =D

After! Isn't it clean!? OMGOSH, cannot believe it myself! I'm going to go buy a magnifying mirror to put onto there something this week and yeaaaaaaaap. I'm happy with it! :) It's the next best thing I can have since I can't afford a real vanity table right now! D:


CHOMSIRI said...

LOL a Buddha lamp! that one made me laugh! :)

umm i usually change the loofa every 3 months!

im moving into my new house in like a week so imma organize my "vanity table" soon!

CHOMSIRI said...

btw, your new layout is really cute! i just changed my too! i usually get mine at, what abt u?

kylie said...

ull loveee the elf blending brushh! its great for crease work and the outer v.

i love tha target organizers too! n ur newly cleaned vanity table looks greatt :)

btw, how is tha shiseido moisturizer?? i was actually thinkin of pickin one up :)

Jennnyy. said...

Chomsiri - Where are you moving to!? :D I got my layout at or something like that, hahaha.

Kylie - Honestly, the moisturizer is nothing special. I got it a while ago and I switch off from that one and Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. It gets the work done, but like I said, nothing special. =P Anddddd, I can't wait to get my blending brush! =D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I bought myself a organizers not too long ago, except I needed the one with 5 drawers instead of 3.

They make organizing makeup SO much easier!