Kylie is such a sweetieeee pieeeee! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009
So last week (the day I discovered this wonderful world of beauty bloggers on Blogspot), Miss Kylie Chen posted on Facebook that she was selling some cosmetics. I messaged her asking to see what she sold and directed me to her Blogspot. I immediately fell in love with this one palette I saw her selling for a measly two dollars. It had such beautiful colors so I quickly told her I got dibs on that palette. That was the moment I also fell in love with reading all these beauty blogs. :) Anyways, we planned to meet up at school (we both go to CalPolyPomona) so she can give me the palette. We met up today and omfg, it was so nice seeing her after like what.. 3-4 months of not seeing her? (we first met in our english class last quarter!) she arrived with a cute little pink bag and she remembered I had told her I specifically loved this one aqua-ish color in the palette, so what does she do!? She threw in a Victoria's Secret glitter eyeliner in the same aqua color! :D And on top of that, she gave me other goodies. :) I basically 7 things from her for $2!!! :O

The palette I bought from her :) The aqua shade I was talking about is the 2nd one on the right!

The samples she included along with an NYX lipstick in this beautiful shade. I can't believe she somehow knew I love soft pink/nude lip colors! :D I also got a little container of Bare Minerals matte foundation! :) She also somehow magically knew I'm trying to start using foundation. Man, that girl is psychic! =P

The VS glitter eyeliner! Tell me that color isn't pretty & I'll smack you! Hahah.

OH & today was the grand opening of The Promenade at Santa Anita mall. It honestly sucked. Other than Boarders, the shops were blehhhh. Totally targeted towards the older folks because there were shops like Chico's and Talbots. x__o I did manage to snag this really cute zebra dress and it was the last one too! Aren't I lucky!? =D

I lovelovelove zebra print, you don't even knowww! Besides Hello Kitty, zebra print is my second obsession :)

Aren't they just SO INCREDIBLY CUTE!? The stickers are puffy. So many adorable different stickers of Hello Kitty doing different things like cooking, taking pictures, and baking! :D

And pleaseeee, I know my bedsheets are Spongebob! =X I am in the middle of washing all my sheets so I had to borrow my sister's while they're being washed, hahahah.


Lulu said...

What a good deal!!! $2 for all that! wow
omg that HK sticker sheet is way too cute, I want! hahaha :)

GiLiNG said...

whoa! $2! what a deal! ^_^
i love sanrio puffy stickers. i have cinnamoroll, lol.

Sarah said...

Ohh I love your dress it is stunning!!!! I love Zebra print too :P Those palette colours are sooo pretty!! I'm probably blind but I can't see your followers box, help!!!!

Lily said...

ooh i love the dress! i love zebra print too!

kylie said...

yay! im glad u liked everything!
it was good seeing you too :) hehe

AbcGrrrL said...

Who can say no to HK stickers? They're cute! That's a pretty dress :) said...

all that stuff for $2.00 that's a wonderful deal :) and every girl has just gotta love them hello kitty

Distinque said...

cute hello kitty stickers! Mac's Courage is limited edition...I got it 2 years ago? A close dupe is Mac's Pink Bronze pigment.

mzkrystall said...

hey giiiirl! im lovin that zebra print dress!! cuuuute! thanks for that sweeet comment btw, *following your blogger! =] hehe take care!